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[Hakumyu] A new beginning?

Sorry I haven't been around, as i mentioned couple of times already, I've been super busy with school and I write this entry telling about hakumyu (Hakuoki Musical) and how I feel about the recent news.

Honestly Hakumyu was my very first (and the only) musical I've followed up until now. I'm grateful to be able to watch that musical. I'm glad that I could enjoy the show and even starting to like the actors there. I was amazed of how they act and the fact that they were all such suitable actors for the characters of Hakuoki. I'll be doing the 30 Days Hakumyu Challenge so I won't spill too much about my opinion and actors here.

Anyhow, about the latest news, the announcement of Reimeiroku musical and the cast changed. I'm- I don't know what to say about it. I was looking forward for Harada's route to be quite honest because well, Harada is just so sweet! How could they not announce about Sano-hen!? Why Reimeiroku?? AND THE CAST CHANGE!? Losing Ryo and Piroshi was too much for me, but at least we still had Shuuto, Junya, and Daisuke, I thought. And to think that we won't be having them in the Reimeiroku!? I am disappointed. Tbh, all those actors I mentioned above were all great and perfect!!!!!! I some musicals don't keep their actors from the start until the end, but Hakumyu cast were like a happy family and I love them ;A;

As for the new cast list. I'm only familiar with Shiramata Atsushi and Ozawa Ren. They both played Kamen Rider Gaim. So, Shiramata Atsushi as Ibuki, I'm sort of looking forward to it. I think he'll do great! On the other hand, Ozawa Ren, will be replacing THE GREAT Junya Ikeda as Toudou Heisuke. Ozawa Ren will be okay with it, but I don't think he will be as perfect as Junya-kun. Though, I'm giving Reimeiroku a try and see if it turns out okay or not!
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just another book to finish

Greetings all! I'd like to wish you a happy new year :)
2014 had up and downs but it was overall a great year, yes? There's just a lot of things about 2014 to tell about, I'm afraid it's a bit late already and I need to sleep ahahaha;; so yeah, we'll see about it tomorrow~

Happy New Year, once again and i manage to finish my icon set for anime20in20 :)

Just another 20in20
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25/12/2014 It's Christmas Day!

Hello! I'm wishing everyone have a merry christmas for those who celebrate it, otherwise Happy Holidays~ Christmas has always been the same to me, nothing special in my family, not even a christmas tree- So yeah, we went to the church on Christmas Eve and that's it.

Lately I'm not really in the mood to do anything. I tried to get my hands on my 3ds/psp/insert gaming console here and nope, can't stay long to play like I always did. Not even browsing or do shits with my laptop. I just don't want to do anything. I want to sleep and play Love Live School Idol Festival on my phone :')

No updates with my fandom, I'm still crazy about Hakuouki, Hakumyu and their actors~ I'm planning to make an icon post as an appreciation post for hakumyu and probably will post it over at hakumyu_fancom after it's done. Idk, only 4 icons so far I'm aiming for at least 50 but oh well i'm having my graphic block at the moment. OH AND HAKUOUKI GAME IS BEING RELEASED ON ANDROID PLAY STORE AHAHAHAH INSTANT DOWNLOAD EVEN THOUGH I'VE BEEN PLAYING THIS GAME FOR THOUSAND TIMES ALREADY XD

Speaking of icons, I'm also working on my claim at anime20in20, done 3/20 so far and my inspiration just suddenly gone when I finished my third icon. I'll probably work on it later when it's D-1 or so hahaha inspiration always comes near deadlines orz

That is all for today, have a great day to you all!
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This chapter will end in a week

Greetings everyone! How you've been? I hope everything goes well :)
Anyway, as the title said, I'll be ending this chapter in a week. Yep, I'm ending my 4th term in a week. Lol I'm in the middle of my exam week and what am I doing here on LJ!?

I think I haven't been properly posting about fandom, eh? Seems I've been stressed about practical exam in the past two entries lol!
Nothing change, I'm still into Hakuouki a lot (I even replay it just the day before exam starts hahaha talk about a relaxing day with hot samurai guys /slapped). To be honest, I'm more into the musical now- hahaha if you follow my twitter, you probably realize I've been spamming people's timeline with stage actors hahahahaha XD and yeah it does relate to Hakuouki musical. I think I mentioned it long ago about them, but yeah I loveeee Matsuda Ryo and Hirose Daisuke a lot! Sadly, I couldn't find Daisuke's career list on stageplays/musical and so I decided to follow Matsuda Ryo's instead.
Matsuda Ryo played in Kamen Rider Gaim and he was technically the reason I started to watch tokusatsu! And lately I found out he's playing leading role in K stageplay. I didn't watch K back then and I can't believe I'm actually watching K after knowing that he played the leading role in the stageplay. Honestly, I've never been a fan to an actor this bad. I don't think it's a bad thing though~ BUT GAAAH I REALLY WANT TO BUY MATSUDA RYO'S PHOTOBOOK "ZERO"!!!! it was released 1-2 weeks ago (early November) and I'm saving my money to buy one ♥

...sorry, it's too much for me when talking about Matsuda Ryo and/or Hirose Daisuke lol. So yeah, I watched K recently only to find out why the hell didn't I watch it back then when it was so popular!? As for anime, I kinda starting to abandon anime for the Fall season anime, I only watch Donten ni Warau up until now. I'm waiting for the second season of Durarara!! next year though~ Hehehe;;
Speaking of Donten ni Warau, I manage to finish my claim for anime20in20! on the last minutes hahaha, check it out? Here!

Hmm remember when I posted about going to Japan after I graduate? I rechecked it with mom about her opinion and she does allow me! Hahahaha~ But it's still two years from now, so I need to look for information for now :3

Also, as usual, I think I'm going to open holiday request post for everyone over at visual_blur so do look forward to it hahahaha XD
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Summer Time!

Yo! It's Summer guys! And you know what that means!? LONG HOLIDAYYYY!!! OR NOT
Meeh, I don't really have long breaks, I'm facing my final exam next week and then have a short holiday. But I already have my plan on Summer:
1) PLAY Hakuoki: Stories of Shinsengumi YESS I BOUGHT THE ONE ON PS3 YAY!!!

Anyways talk about Summer, for some of you who still active doing icons or whatever icon-related you're doing! Check this out!


Also, do check these communities as well! Icontests can be a place to improve your icons, you know XD
animescreensic - Current Challenge
title_awards - Vote for week 224 or Submit for week 225
animanga_crops - Round 21

See ya in these communities! ♥
I also planning to run a general-themed icontest for VGames & Animation works because VG needs more love
And also I'm working on changing my moodtheme to Hakuoki- I KNOW I'M IN LOVE WITH THAT SERIES QQ
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Image Hosting

I've actually posted this at visual_blur. Basically I hate the fact that my country blocked imgur! Why? It's because they believe some contents are inappropriate in our country. I've loved that web so much. I usually uploaded my icons there;; And even most people out there often use that site for uploading their icons! Yeah, that means I can't see all images hosted by imgur from now on. Apparently this cause me unable to vote for certain icontest or even participate in it if they uploaded provided image from imgur. /sighs/
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So I just finished the whole ending for Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward. Literally all of them. I've always love/hate Zero Escape's insane plot twist, but seriously I'm mindfucked fully because of this VLR. Story wise is excellent, much more interesting than the first game IMO. The characters are well. I kinda don't know why Quark exist in the first place. Well yea, they explain it on the game but- the hell. Just that simple? I do hope they'll have Quark as returning character on their third game!
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Alright, so I haven't been really get in touch with my LJ on my laptop lately because for some reason something still isn't right with my friend's page;;

I've recently played Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward on my 3ds which is so far so good! I love this kind of game! On the other side, my sister's order for Drakengard 3 has just arrived yesterday! She's been playing that game. I have to say it looks so good! I love how they have that blood splatters all over the monitor! hahaha not to mention zero's white outfit makes it stands out among those blood! Oh, I love Dito, I don't care if he's a sadistic, he's still cute to me Q_Q

Anyway, finally manage to post something on visual_blur

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dat feeelingggg

...I'm going to blame ryfee for this. Also, feel free to ignore this-








....well, that Zavoroi was my character on MMORPG Ragnarok Online- and yeah, I eventually loving him more than I should- IDK WHY DON'T ASK ME!!!! JAPOOO COME TO MAMAAAA ; A ;

*POKES nna_chan ryfee*