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Resources list Users: darkicedphoenix, vert_gazon, cdg, chained_angel13, candycrack, thor_i_lover, iconseeyou, haudvafra, hficons, resunik, innocent_lexys, offbeat_upbeat, madika555, amelia_124, litzplosion, keoni_chan, paine_09, quiesscent, vol4itca, inquisitory, seriouslywir, endou, chiffanichan, meleada, white_lilie, kurotsukiyomi, tassyn, erniemay, shalowater, mila_gogo, kaelienl, pretty_in_panic, jordannamorgan, sneaky_elephant, ladybanteerin, hwoosh, emmaedlholm, infinite_drag, adrastea, strawberries_85, kelle, proverbsun, meathiel, girlboheme, arabella, jaobsessed, maffinoyobiai, whitebamboo, emmaedholm, rosebfischer, queen_bartonia, darinkabranco, lookslikerain

Communities: icon_textures, 100x100_brushes, rubianca_icons, restless_dreamz, xxpyrography, gavinnerism, omochaya, villa_femme, icon_collide, ohsnap_icons, likewonderland, wolfbane_icons, cereal_killerz danceground, the_preamble, twinstrikeish, foreverafter, lifeisdolce, kaelcreations, zenetic, evorycode, hakumyu_fancom, bttrfly_kiss, grande_caps

Websites: Ninpouchou, Anime Galleries dot Net, Google, yahoo, sonymusic.co.jp, Ragnarok Online, RagnarokCS, Clow Legacy, Pokemon Nightmare, KoeiWarriors, Dokuganryu, animewallpapers, for richer or poorer, kkm, kkm01, pdk, court-records, Animay, Vongola.org, Brusheezy, IGN, zerochan, Aethereality, Obsidian Dawn, FF Shrine, ShatterHeart, QBrushes, Vampire-resource @ Deviantart, Simply-caps @ Tumblr, chalchiuhtlicue @ Deviantart, Grande-Caps @ Tumblr, Qtpiecaps @ tumblr
Did I forget something/someone? Please tell me :D
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