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Waaaa sorry for ranting a lot lately, I'm perfectly fine now~ Thanks guys ♥

Hakuoki Musical 30 Days Challenge
1. What was the first Hakuouki musical you watched? Impressions?
2. What is your favorite musical?
I have to say it's Kazama-hen! I haven't really fully watched Heisuke-hen up until now because of things. But honestly, Kazama-hen was wonderful! Their improvement on hakuoki musical was really amazing there. Not only that, the new songs are very very veryy lovely~

3. What is your least favorite musical?
Waaah do I really have to choose this? I can't choose, I refuse to choose /cries. But If I really really have to choose, I'm sorry, but it's Okita-hen;; It's not bad, it's just my least favorite okay!? But overall I still love everything about hakumyu ;A;

4. Favorite actor? Why?
I'm not being bias and choose Ryo for this, don't worry *drumrolls*
My top 2 favorite actors in this musical (based on how they act and characterization) are...

Hirose Daisuke as Okita Souji!
Honestly, I think he's perfect. His personality, his facial expression, his movement, everything about him is perfect as Okita Souji! He was the very reason why I continued watching Hakumyu after my first try. ♥

Ikeda Junya as Toudou Heisuke!
Aside from being an all-out actor, Junya really gives me the Heisuke feels when I watch the show! Also, you guys have to see how awesome his actions are! I'm amazed of Junya-kun, I haven't really watched any other works he's in, but I'll try!

Honorable mention to our Nagakura Shinpachi: Mizayaki Shuuto

5. Least favorite actor? Why?
6. Favorite musical moment?
7. Least favorite musical moment?
8. Saddest musical moment?
9. Funniest musical moment?
10. Best choreography?
11. Favorite Chizuru moment?
12. Best romantic moment?
13. Favorite quote from a character in the musicals?
14. Favorite bloodlust scene?
15. Which version of “Yaisa!” is your favorite?
16. Which finale fight is your favorite?
17. Which Chizuru/Character dynamic is your favorite? (i.e. Chizuru/Hijikata or Chizuru/Heisuke, etc.)
18. What song is your favorite?
19. Least favorite song?
20. Best solo?
21. Best duet?
22. Best group song?
23. Best romantic song?
24. Which Chizuru actress is your favorite? Why?
25. Which Chizuru actress is your least favorite? Why?
26. Which actor matches their character the most?
27. Favorite curtain call?
28. Favorite backstage moment?
29. What surprised you the most about HakuMyu?
30. Is there anything you wish had been done differently?
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