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Those that do not change

Yes, I finally gonna do my 30 days hakumyu challenge! I know it's from tumblr, but I feel much more comfortable to write in my LJ so here goes!
Hakuoki Musical 30 Days Challenge
1. What was the first Hakuouki musical you watched? Impressions?
Hakumyu was my very first musical I follow, it was all because of Hakuoki LOL. Anyway, I've got into Hakumyu right after they did the Hakumyu LIVE, but my very first Hakumyu experience was Saito Hajime's arc aka Saito-hen. I think Saito-hen was amazing! It made me really fall in love with musical shows~ Honestly when I watched it for the first time, I find Yaisa! Yaisa! Yaisa! song very catchy that I even link it here hahahahaha~ And I was really amazed with Daisuke Hirose's Okita Souji and Ikeda Junya's Toudou Heisuke. They both really attracted me to watch more of the hakumyu shows! I've never watched musicals before, so I guess I have to thank Saito-hen for making me into stageshows now ♥

2. What is your favorite musical?
3. What is your least favorite musical?
4. Favorite actor? Why?
5. Least favorite actor? Why?
6. Favorite musical moment?
7. Least favorite musical moment?
8. Saddest musical moment?
9. Funniest musical moment?
10. Best choreography?
11. Favorite Chizuru moment?
12. Best romantic moment?
13. Favorite quote from a character in the musicals?
14. Favorite bloodlust scene?
15. Which version of “Yaisa!” is your favorite?
16. Which finale fight is your favorite?
17. Which Chizuru/Character dynamic is your favorite? (i.e. Chizuru/Hijikata or Chizuru/Heisuke, etc.)
18. What song is your favorite?
19. Least favorite song?
20. Best solo?
21. Best duet?
22. Best group song?
23. Best romantic song?
24. Which Chizuru actress is your favorite? Why?
25. Which Chizuru actress is your least favorite? Why?
26. Which actor matches their character the most?
27. Favorite curtain call?
28. Favorite backstage moment?
29. What surprised you the most about HakuMyu?
30. Is there anything you wish had been done differently?

Also, I'm back in iconing now~ I'm not sure why, but I felt like I wanna make icons earlier today. I have a project going by March 30th which is 25 icons of dearest, Matsuda Ryo. However, I'm going to also add hakuoki icons there, not sure how many, but hopefully I can reach 50 icons by the 30th!
Tags: 30 days challenge, fandom
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