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[Announcement] Moving Out

Hi, I'm just gonna say i won't be updating in this journal anymore. I will still be active on my icon journal visual_blur and some other icontest communities, including the one I'm running.

All personal entries will be moved to vaigrande @ dw! Thank you for the wonderful years everyone :)

P.S If you need me, my PM will be open so feel free to hit me!
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Wow.. when was the last time i update this journal? I was sure I wanted to update sometime in Nov/Dec but I forgot;; Anyways, I wish you all a belated Christmas and a happy new year! Pretty sure 2016 hasnt been a good year in this world, but let's hope for a better year in 2017, okay?

Okay to be honest I don't know what to put in here, everything has been okay, oh! Did I mention that I'm done with my uni? I finished my final project early Oct and I haven't looked for a job yet since I'm planning to have a trip to Japan around mid of March with my sis~ We won't be doing in a tour, we'll just travel by ourselves, I can't wait for it!!!

Well, I should end this entry for now, hopefully (for real) I'm going to update again in this week~
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This post is basically a place for you to rant or just spam me with whatever you wish to spam me with. Don't worry! Anonymous is allowed :)
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It's November~

Yooo!! How are you guys doing!? Is there anything interesting going around? hehehehe
My internship life has been a shit for the past month that I don't care about it anymore, so let's not talk about it, yes?

I posted 2 iconpost recently, here are the previews of each in case you miss it

20 multifandom icons for animated20in20 right HERE

aaand some unposted icons I made in the year of 2015, some of them are new and some of them are made at the beginning of 2015 LOL

Oh click me!

Okay enough of icons, I'm currently managing my time to watch anime which is good because it's a nice distraction for me~ Just informing, I'm watching Diamond no Ace, Owari no Seraph and K: Return of the Kings this season... which all 3 of them are basically 2nd season anime LOL I'm too lazy to start new series;; Non anime, I'm watching Kamen Rider Ghost, idk why I can't stop watching KR series now, how do I stop this sob;;

Btw, MY Tales of Zestiria HAS ARRIVED!! I'm still at the very beginning of the game because I need to get together with my sis to play it so it will take time to finish it since we are both busy XD
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a happy happy birthday!

I know my icons are over visual_blur, but since this is a give for a friend outside of LJ, I should just post it over here! Anyway, it should be 00.00 AM over there by the time I give you the link to this post so- Happy Birthday!

Here's your Heisuke icon set (200x200 px) like I promised you!
Oh great, this gigantic icons ruins my page layout oh well :')
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As for LJ friends, I'm sorry I haven't been updating my journal;; I've been playing (just finished) Tales of Xillia and (currently playing) Tales of Xillia 2 so I got distracted;; and yeah I've also been iconing lately, joining the calendarsquares' spring rumble. Hopefully I can post some icons from last year (that I haven't posted) along with the new ones soon!

Oh, a bonus of my favorite skit on Xillia (it's so disturbingly funny it's worth to watch!)
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what am i doing here

Sup guys? How are you all doing! Oh right, I'm officially 20 y.o. on March 30th. I feel old, I honestly do! Hahahaha 20 years and what did I achieve?? HMMMM NOPE, NOTHING REALLY PROMISING.

I'm just dropping by to say Happy Easter to everyone who celebrates it ♥ And WOOO MY FINAL EXAM STARTS TOMORROW WHAT AM I DOING HERE HAHAHAHA

Lastly, I posted something on visual_blur for my reverse birthday present
click to see? no preview sorry, too big

Also, will be resuming the 30 days hakumyu challenge later~
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call my name and i shall be there

Waaaa sorry for ranting a lot lately, I'm perfectly fine now~ Thanks guys ♥

Hakuoki Musical 30 Days Challenge
1. What was the first Hakuouki musical you watched? Impressions?
2. What is your favorite musical?
I have to say it's Kazama-hen! I haven't really fully watched Heisuke-hen up until now because of things. But honestly, Kazama-hen was wonderful! Their improvement on hakuoki musical was really amazing there. Not only that, the new songs are very very veryy lovely~

3. What is your least favorite musical?
Waaah do I really have to choose this? I can't choose, I refuse to choose /cries. But If I really really have to choose, I'm sorry, but it's Okita-hen;; It's not bad, it's just my least favorite okay!? But overall I still love everything about hakumyu ;A;

4. Favorite actor? Why?
I'm not being bias and choose Ryo for this, don't worry *drumrolls*
My top 2 favorite actors in this musical (based on how they act and characterization) are...
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Those that do not change

Yes, I finally gonna do my 30 days hakumyu challenge! I know it's from tumblr, but I feel much more comfortable to write in my LJ so here goes!
Hakuoki Musical 30 Days Challenge
1. What was the first Hakuouki musical you watched? Impressions?
Hakumyu was my very first musical I follow, it was all because of Hakuoki LOL. Anyway, I've got into Hakumyu right after they did the Hakumyu LIVE, but my very first Hakumyu experience was Saito Hajime's arc aka Saito-hen. I think Saito-hen was amazing! It made me really fall in love with musical shows~ Honestly when I watched it for the first time, I find Yaisa! Yaisa! Yaisa! song very catchy that I even link it here hahahahaha~ And I was really amazed with Daisuke Hirose's Okita Souji and Ikeda Junya's Toudou Heisuke. They both really attracted me to watch more of the hakumyu shows! I've never watched musicals before, so I guess I have to thank Saito-hen for making me into stageshows now ♥

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Also, I'm back in iconing now~ I'm not sure why, but I felt like I wanna make icons earlier today. I have a project going by March 30th which is 25 icons of dearest, Matsuda Ryo. However, I'm going to also add hakuoki icons there, not sure how many, but hopefully I can reach 50 icons by the 30th!